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Kamis, 20 Agustus 2009

Foto Terbaru Rachel Amanda-CANDY

Rachel Amanda Aurora or simply called by the name Amanda is a singer and star akting Indonesia. Born in Jakarta on 1 January 1996, Amanda began to know the time portray characters CANDY Candy in that sinetron in RCTI.
 Rachel Amanda-CANDYRachel Amanda Pic

The success of achieving a degree sinetron Candy Sinetron Terfavorit Panasonic Awards 2007, obviously making Rachel Amanda Aurora more bounce. His Manda Candy successful figures in the drama sinetron deplete the water of the audience. After that, the figures portray Manda different, my name is through sinetron Mentari. When Candy sinetron in Manda charged mimic the akting sad and crying, then my name is in sinetron Mentari even vice versa.

Mentari girl who is described as cheerful, steadfast, and brave. Differences in character roles for Manda This is not a new one. Manda be a challenge that very well. "Each character has a role or challenge. Fortunately, directors and friends in other locations syuting support and participate in berakting entries," said Manda, who was born 1 January 1996 it also assumes that the diversity of the characters are played means that both in the ability to develop and hone aktingnya. So, Amanda did not hesitate to receive the role of Lia in the newest times in sinetron

In addition, Rachel also star film I LOVE YOU, OM (2006). Together Restu Sinaga, Ira Wibowo and Karenina, a role as Rachel Dian, young girl who loves a man far older than himself.

June 2009, the month of Ramadhan, Rachel joined the call for Opick performers sing songs berduet Seer.

Profile Rachel Amanda-candy:
-Full Name: Rachel Amanda Aurora
-Birthday: Jakarta, 1 January 1996
-Email: rachel.amanda01 @
-Religion: Islam
-Relatives: children from 1 to 2 brothers
-Hobbies: nyanyi, play piano
-fave food: siomay
-fave color: purple
-cita2: children's doctor
-Penyanyi cilik best AMI Awards 2005
-Breakthrough Actrees MTV Indonesian Movie Award 2007

Koleksi Foto Tebaru Rachel Amanda

 Rachel Amanda-CANDY
 Rachel Amanda-CANDY
 Rachel Amanda-CANDY
 Rachel Amanda-CANDY
 Rachel Amanda-CANDY


Minggu, 16 Agustus 2009

Video President Obama Lirik Bokong MayoraTavares

Video President Obama Lirik Bokong Mayora Tavares

When the shooting for a peak of session of the G-8 countries, president Obama seem to look at behind of the delegation called the sexy girls of Mayora Taverns old 16 years of Brazil. Thursday (9/7) local time, the G-8 chiefs had just finished the photo. and had then added some of the photographs of A-8 (for a delegation of the youth of G-8 country), which is composed of 54 old teenagers 14.-17 years.

When the delegation was young person forwards, gone Mayora Tavares, old sexy girls 16 years of origin of Brazilian. The aspect of Mayora seems to attract Obama. When the girl by the left wing, Obama is also the sight, particularly on the Mayora buttocks.

Obama does not realize that French President Nicolas Sarkozy considers a smile and to state perhaps once in the middle, foundation of the young people. Non only is not considered the conscious colleagues, Obama also does not realize that it is enchased whim of a photographer. the video must then be everywhere isolated in the world.

Even with the news of Yahoo, photographs which initially line up in the ketegori photograph of news more-in the email and advised to see. Naturally the fall in the visual version on YouTube. The photograph of sessions of Thursday or two days meeting signal-35 with G-8 invites the delegation of tinkling. D' Obama source still. The old president 48 years was held almost towards the end of the stage with the other countries. He was interesting because of the attention of the delegation ran towards the stage with the accompaniment of the acclamations of the colleagues on the images of stage.

Gambar President Obama Lirik Bokong Mayora Tavares

President Obama Lirik Bokong

Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

Video Tali baju Julia Perez melorot/Lepas

tali baju julia Perez copot/lepas
Tali baju julia Perez copot/lepas. When the show are in a hotel in the area of Central Jakarta on Friday (10 / 7), the ropes twine Julia Perez casual clothing (Tali baju melorot/lepas), almost half of the breast seen before hundreds of guests. Jupe but do not panic with it. Relaxed with it and cover the chest keep singing, even though dozens of camera mobile phone is to him. Hands holding direct reflex chest freeze while toss song "Belah Duren " to complete.

However, when the moment is busy on the pull, there is a person who joke about prankish striptease. Jupe was angry and stressed that his dancers are not like that. At the end of the song, also called Jupe Ivan Gunawan as MC for the mend clothes. He also came down with a smile as if something did not happen. Jupe said with a relaxed, "Hahaha, I recorded it. It is very shameful incident, let alone in front of people. Others in the photos, I says, 'Do not be in the photo lho, I panic like this again'."

Video tali baju julia perez melorot/lepas

Julia perez did not want to take a headache with this incident. He keprofesional keep it. "Jupe not be panic. In the case such as this I can run to the back of the stage, must be professional
"Oops, so funny. Nyanyi until I have finished the song. But I have a red face ... (while looking at chest), my goodness ..." he said while laughing again small.

In response to this matter, mother Julia perez, Sri Wulansih quite relaxed. Previously, he also has advice daughter dressed in a matter of style adsense

Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

Incident Payudara Dewi Pesik diraba

 Payudara Dewi Pesik diraba
Foto saat Payudara Dewi Pesik diraba

After the tragedy kamben dewi persik melorot, and there are photos circulating Payudara dewi persik in the hold (diraba), where dewi persik more in touch "payudara" is invited by the person with the image. Fleeing from tragedy a touch fans on the sensitive parts of a dewi persik going on in front of journalists.

Might want to keep the image as a new widow, dewi persik reaction not like the photos where he previously enjoyed at the touch of the same photo session with fans. This time dewi persik hard to react. with the first strike. ago to follow in the rather powerful wallop.

This is probably the reason why the saiful jamil, her husband that people dispose off while bathing trunks throw in to the sea, decided to divorce the wife of the Jonas Brothers. Jamil saiful not want to spare the wife for umbar in general. and a public consumption

However, because of career, the dewi persik eventually willing to be the widow of the command must follow the husband of the goddess who expects more modest in dress. Dewi persik aware correct, his popularity is not located on his vocal, his fame was not located on the face. he is very aware, that the oscillation, and the plus is the section he can survive in the competitive world Dangdut indonesia

Dewi persik only one of the many performers who have capital, and show the section to achieve fame. Inul daratista with rocking "ngebornya", Uut Permatasari with rocking "ngecornya", or may anisa Bahar rocking with the "pata-patahnya "as first successful with weight gain in the bulge indicates the quality of vocal appeal.

 Payudara Dewi Pesik diraba
 Payudara Dewi Pesik diraba
 Payudara Dewi Pesik diraba adsense

Dewi Persik Hot di Film Paku Kuntilanak

Dewi Persik di Film Paku Kuntilanak
Adegan Panas Dewi Persik di Paku Kuntilanak

Dewi Persik on the gossip selingkuh with Keith Foo-looking model from Singapore
Perselingkuhan this issue begins at Dewi play with Keith Foo, Singapore's original model. In one scene the film "paku kuntilanak", Dewi Foam dressing only body in the bath. Whether intentional or not, part of the breast are clearly visible. Knowing this, Aldy anger directly to the location and ready to beat up Keith,

"There is no commotion. Aldi indeed often come to the location syuting, but adequately, "said Keith after the film preview Paku Kuntilanak. Furthermore, Keith Foo said the scene was done in the name of the professional pedangdut section.

Dewi Persik does 'hot' scene with the main opponent, Keith Foo, the newest film 'Paku Kuntilanak'. In that scene, Dewi does activity heat in the bathroom. that news, turbulence scenes makes Aldi Taher furious.

Do not want to become the third respondent, Keith also explains the relationship with dangdut singer.

According to Keith he was not at all know what happens with Dewi persik. Keith also said, before the start syuting vulgar scenes, all parties have agreed, including the Dewi.

For Keith, dewi persik do not desire it. dewi does not enter into the guy prey to its list. "If I look for girlfriend . But if a friends. I do not have this problem that need to be in the pardon," said keith

Dewi Persik di Film Paku Kuntilanak

Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

Foto Jessica Mila Agnesia

Jessica Milla, Artists of a certain kind of face beautiful abg this age still have some star sinetron Is the glass in RCTI and SCTV. Full name is Jessica Agnesia Milla, born in Langsa, Aceh Timur / 3 August 1992 Having a pretty face and imut, schools are now a high school in Jakarta. Jessica Milla akting jump in the world since the age of the children, but until now have not had a role in the film gets the big screen.

Currently, Jessica is busy in the two sinetron, "I still syuting Nikita and MANOHARA and, if in NIKITA I am a friend Nikita in the orphanage, friends is still small as Rani. if in MANOHARA so Manohara his younger brother," said Jessica

Artists who are often in a call with this Milla, he once hooked with a cheerleader and ngedance. Hobbies mila do it is the first time since sitting on the bench and how the kindergarten to high school at this time. Because the world of dance ketertarikannya mila this opportunity to get top 3 for kateori cheer when sitting in the seat smp. From there any mila mengawalinya Cewek O with a famous school in the entire Jabodetabek, and start some sinetron star and ftv.

Profile Jessica Mila:
  • Full Name: Jessica Mila Agnesia
  • place and date of birth: Langsa, East Aceh, 3 August 1992
  • Last Education: SMAN 70
  • The high: 158 cm
  • Weight : 41 kg
  • Favorite Actor: Adam Brody
  • Favorite Actress: Mischa Barton
  • Koleksi foto Jessica Milla

Koleksi Foto Jessica Mila Agnesia

 Jessica Mila Agnesia
 Jessica Mila Agnesia
 Jessica Mila Agnesia adsense

Foto Bikini Julia Perez DJ

Julia Perez would like to become a DJ, Artists super sexy Julia Perez secretly want to make a slap in his career. Namely the attempt to become a DJ. So the experts have started make songs for dugem, Jupe also try again to make a single song with its music DJ.

Julia Perez DJ
Foto Bikini Julia Perez Dj

Artist Julia Perez talk back so as sexy body. This time, the image that outspread is a Jupe's photo wear a shirt similar to the bikini being absorbed nge-DJ. However, according to the Julia Perez, clothing that is used not too sexy like discussed the people. He also disputed the clothing if the clothing is worn pool model two pieces.

If there is a section called images themselves, Jupe assume they rarely see women. In addition, information Julia perez|Jupe, who watched while his nge-DJ also indifferent.

Julia perez|Jupe is a career artist figure increased because fenomenal. However, he did not want to be stamped as an artist who only rely on the body seksinya only. "If the brain can also be smart when celebrities," he said.

Foto Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce

Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce Foto Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce

Foto Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce are much sought relate some time ago photos circulating hot Pevita similar Pearce. Here are a collection of photos Pevita Pearce that I take from the site of social fecebook, but this picture is not as vulgar photo hot Pevita Pearce circulating some time ago that.

Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce is a film artist of Indonesia. This dish has a mixture of English and Banjarmasin blood, pair of Banjarmasin Bramwell Pearce and Ernie Auliasari. Pevita start known through the film Denias and Senandung di Atas Awan (2006) as Angel. The film is the first acting experience Pevita in the big screen film. without the slightest experience of acting sinetron

Profile Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce
  • Full Name: Pevita Eileen Pearce
  • place and date of birth: Jakarta, 6 October 1992
  • Name of Father: Bramwell Pearce
  • Mother's Name: Ernie Auliasari
  • Last Education: SMU Al Azhar kemang
  • Hobbies: Gossip, shopping
  • Favorite book: even its killing me, a child called it
  • Favorite Movies: RV. SUPERMAN
  • Favorite music: pop, slow music

following the story of Foto Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce which I quoted from on the site Pevita write personal experience, the more you can read yourself below
Historical events that have occurred to me that might open the mind of others is also when I never fall in Anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia and Bulimia is a psychological disease that you want to have obsession with the lean lean pill, do not eat, regurgitate food that is eaten. All that happens when people give all the pressure in my life to become lean. Dating from the pressure of people and friends around the postures that the body is too bloated.

Pressure is also the most because of more pressure from the media. Pressure to appear from my own friends who always try to throw my self with the body of my prize. Honestly my body at that time was normal. I'm not obese and I do not lean. Normal, as the body contains other normal teenager. Because at that time in that early age I was very unstable and short-thinking in taking a decision, I follow my friends who drink diet drugs that prevent appetite. I take medicine that can actually do without the medicine was, whether the side effects of the drug, how much should I consume in a day that the medicine? All this was not one think that I only think about just one, I want to lean.

Finally, since I get the medicine that tomorrow night I tried the drug. Lost my appetite during the day. I take the medicine that three times a day, morning, afternoon, night. Hunger during the day I lost a full sense only feel thirsty. time without realizing I usually eat something immediately regurgitate the food they eat so I keep my body from day to day more jejune. During the week I use the drug and weight directly down my 8 kg, but I continue to feel less lean and more feeling that you want to lean more and more relief drugs I consume is lean. for a week I do not eat anything, just drink a lot of white water.

2 days running I use drugs, I began to feel side effects. I was aware during the 2 weeks I was using drugs, I hit insomnia. Day-to-day I sleep from 3 am to 6 am and wake up with no feeling sleepy. In addition, I became emotionally unstable. I feel lonely and alone even though the family was always there for me and not my own. I often become a rage in the case that is not important. I find that people become concerned. Every night I cry without cause. I always gemeteran hands and my face always looks pale. Finally I started to realize that this all because of the influence of drugs lean. I lean drug consumption does not make me eat and make my body less nutrients that eventually cause a lot of curiosity in my emotional and psychological. In addition to possible psikologis, diet drugs also damage the kidneys, and burn a lot of brain cells.

Finally I found with a psychiatrist and I finally can slowly leave the obsession that I want to lean it. All that feels heavy and painful, but now I learn that health is far more important. If you want to lean better through sports. Since the things I learned from that mistake and I think to be more healthy than to be lean. When we become healthy and consume a healthy, along with sports activities, body weight we will automatically decrease. Hopefully events like this do not happen among my friends because we as teenagers are still in the process of growth and diet drugs will prevent the growth of our process. Now the medicine is withdrawn from circulation because many consumers who died and damage the kidneys. I feel grateful because I was not too long with the dependency of the drug. From my experience, I hope that many also realize that the key is healthy. Lean healthy akan far better views and more fun in a jejune jejune drugs through food or vomit.

Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce
Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce

Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce
Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce
Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce

Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce
Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce

Foto Intan Ayu Hot

Since controversy Puteri Indonesia is worn swimming suit or bikini in Miss Universe event, many people have the opinion of each. It's a pro, but there is also the place level-if such is not necessary, followed by Indonesia, which still respects the traditional orient. Even so, Intan Ayu holds if the event Miss Universe and Miss World are still needed to convince the world about the culture and also security in the country.

"Still need to do to me. First, there may be some things that can be the face of Indonesia. Tasks they (and Puteri Indonesia Miss Indonesia) is more to tourism, to name a foreign country. Furthermore, Indonesia is currently a lot of problems," said Intan Ayu.

Intan Ayu Foto Intan Ayu Hot

"Thus, the presence of Puteri Indonesia Miss Indonesia or to bring out the name of Indonesia. I give a little influence," Intan Ayu said.

Matter of controversy bikini, pesinetron this adolescent does not want to blame who. But if the rules committee of the Miss Universe has been applied as such, he felt it only fair.

"Apparel is a pool to show their bodies right? In addition to inner beauty, also must be shown outside the proportionally. From outside they must also be interesting, skins, all kinds. According to me personally should not be the problem," Intan Ayu explained.

Intan Ayu also feel proud to know when the representative of Indonesia, Zivanna Letisha Siregar, can sit in third position in the polls Miss Universe. "For over 15 most of this. If it had been three that have been extraordinary. We should be assessing, not only from the dress. I must be fixed eyes and looked," he said.

"Yes, as long as participants feel comfortable, he does not reduce the trust, and know how to bring two piece, it will look OK," augment him again.

Foto Intan Ayu Hot Collection
Intan Ayu
Intan Ayu
Intan Ayu
Intan Ayu



Surprising news came from beauty artist Sherina Munaf. She has been on the gossip in the violent|diperkosa turns made by colleagues who are also fellow celebrities. Say that events occur Because Sherina and friends are mabok most weight after sisha suck and drink beer.

correct or not to gossip, the only time the goods that they know or the creator of the gossip. If there is a video nasty Guritno Wulan and Ananda Mikola in the tell nasty scene. Have previously also gossip about it's circulating photo hot Pevita E Pearce, photo hot widi VIERRA and also kissing hot Dewi Persik and Aldi in public places. Which in reality is not necessarily the truth can be established.


This directly be debated his mother Sherina, Luki Ariani. When reporters contacted by phone, he stressed that the information circulating is not correct, and only those works purely fraudulent.

"It does not get. Genesis is not there," he said.

In addition to circulating gossip about Sherina raped, in some blogs are also circulating a photo that shows Sherina Munaf smoking, and according to a newspaper circulating in the blog is concerned that the cigarettes in Shisha suck. Really or not it's images Sherina Munaf are shisa suck? Here is an image that looks Sherina Munaf suck cigarettes are saying is that Shisha.
Foto Sherina Munaf Merokok??

Profile Sherina Munaf

Sinna Sherina Munaf was born in Bandung, West Java, June 11, 1990. He is a singer who began to fame Indonesia in 1999. Sherina is the second child of three brothers Munaf and Triawan couples Luki Ariani. Sherina is a graduate of the British

Sherina first appeared in 1999 with the album Andai Aku Besar Nanti. Sherina also first appeared on the big screen in 2001 via 'Petualangan Sherina' with Derby Romero and Butet Kertaradjasa. In addition, Sherina with some of his colleagues such as Maisy, Saskia, Geofany, Joshua and Kenny played in OperetBobo titled Misteri Naga Ungu. Not only that, Sherina appeared with Westlife, British band sang 'I Have A Dream'

In early 2007, Sherina (at age 16 years) released a new album titled "Primadona". Nephew of senior Indonesian singer, Fariz Rustam Munaf, it appears with the kind of songs that are very different from when she was little. In this year, Sherina was appointed as an icon Panasonic replaces Dian Sastrowardoyo.

In the year 2008, besides making music for the film 'Laskar Pelangi' and 'Ayat-ayat Cinta', Sherina was appointed as an icon Grand Indonesia Shopping Town.



Sarah Azhari and Ayu Azhari are sisters, they are Azhari families. The Azhari family is just like Paris Hilton and Kim Khardisian, they are controversial! Both of them are really know how to attract public attention.

they were used in her bikini or a sexy dress style. Sarah Azhari and Ayu Azhari are the payudara sexiest Artist in Indonesia.

Sarah Dan Ayu Azhari Hot picFoto Bikini Sarah Dan Ayu Azhari

Sarah Azhari born in Jakarta, at 16 Jun 1977. The carrier is more often with modeling, even at last she become movie stars. Sarah Azhari star a film who direct by Garin Nugroho, Sarah Azhari play at "DAUN DI ATAS BANTAL" with senior actress Christine Hakim.

Carefully select the store because there is a difference in clothing stores because the stores as the mall Victoria's Secret and Lane Bryant underwear, but generally known as a base of stores Bra , underwear, socks, and maybe some sexy lingerie. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these stores, but the selection of sexy lingerie is quite limited. May they have some sets, pajamas and robes, but they will not be a large selection of sexy lingerie. Other types of stores such as Macy's and Sears have also underwear, but the selection is fairly tame.

Siti Khadijah Azhari, popularly known as Ayu Azhari is a model star and film actress. This Pakistani woman, has eight siblings, of whom Sarah Azhari (model and actress), Ibra Azhari and Rahma Azhari (Models).

Apart from being a model and acting stars, Ayu lately also pull votes mengeluti world. Dangdut wing new album and was launched in May 2006, of which contains two songs of his own making, Mother and I Love You So Much.

As a celebrity, Ayu traveled life's journey with twists and sensations. He has been married three times, her first husband is rocker Indonesia, Gondokusumo Djodi Vishnu, who later divorced with one child. Ayu then married with Teemu Yusuf Ibrahim, a man of Pakistani and divorced again blessed with three children.

Next, Ayu is married to Mike Tramp, one of the personnel rock band White Lion. From the Ayu and the Tramp marriage was blessed with a child who was born in late 2006.

Foto hot bikini Sarah Azhari and Ayu Azhari
Sarah Dan Ayu Azhari Hot pic
Sarah Dan Ayu Azhari Hot pic
Sarah Dan Ayu Azhari Hot pic
Foto Hot bikini Sarah Azhari

Sarah Dan Ayu Azhari Hot pic
Sarah Dan Ayu Azhari Hot picSarah Dan Ayu Azhari Hot pic
Foto Hot bikini Ayu Azhari

Sarah Dan Ayu Azhari Hot pic adsense

Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Foto seksi Mulan Jameela/ Mulan Kwok

Mulan Jameela beautiful singer born in Garut West Java 23 August 1982 has the full name Wulan Sari, his name began to rebound when Maia retrieve from the Dimensions (a cafe band), to join in the ordinary and duo Ratu called Mulan Kwok. But as the conflict about financial transparency, they are broken. and then Mulan join and solo career with Republik Cinta Management and use the new name Mulan Jameela. Besides singing Mulan also a number of star sinetron and film

Mulan Jameela

Mulan Jameela/ Mulan Kwok pic

First solo album was launched in January 2008, titled Mulan Jameela. The album that dominated pop music been this rock musicians by Ahmad Dhani. Mulan first album on this track is the excellent fruit of 4 hits, that is "Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy", "Wonder Woman", "Bukannya Aku Takut" and "Jatuh Cinta Lagi". Only in the period of less than 2 months, this album has left digit sales 75,000 coffee and get the platinum by EMI.

In other places, Mulan also be joined by a giant telecommunications company Malaysia, Maxis. In a few months only, Mulan has been able to break through a number of award nominations, he even became the only solo of a nominated on MTV Asia Awards 2008 in Genting, Malaysia.

In the compilation The Best Of Republik Cinta, Mulan in collaboration with the vocal group Dewi Dewi on the single entitled "Sakit Bukan Main" which was launched in August 2008.

Koleksi Foto Mulan Jameela

Mulan Jameela
Mulan Jameela
Mulan Jameela adsense

Zivanna Letisha Siregar Bikini

Photo Bikini Zivanna Letisha Siregar the 2009 Miss Universe reap much controversy. However Zizi has its own reasons in a bikini. Usage bikini at Miss Universe is a routine that can not be avoided, and this was conveyed by Mega Space as Miss Indonesia Foundation Relations

Zivanna Letisha Siregar BikiniFoto Bikini Zivanna Letisha Siregar

Zivanna Letisha Siregar was born on 16 February 1989 in Jakarta. She is 19 years old, a young sexy girl. Zivanna Letisha Siregar, familiar called Zizi, is Puteri Indonesia 2008. Zizi will represent Indonesia in the arena of Miss Universe 2009. Zizi is currently registered as a student of Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Depok, the batch of 2007.

She has one of the freshest faces among all the ladies competing in Bahamas for the 58th edition of the pageant. She is one of Asia's front-runners in the beauty department. So, if she duplicates Artika's fate in 2005, it won't be a surprise.

This year 2009 Putri Indonesia, which represents to us there is Zivanna Letisha Siregar winner of Putri Indonesia, Zivanna is a graduate of the University of Indonesia faculty Force Economic Sciences in 2007 and alumnus SMU Al-Azhar Passed in 2007. Achievement, namely Champion Elite Model Look 2006 and became Putri Indonesia 2008.

This month a contest of Miss Universe held in the Bahamas archipelago of 16 - 23 August 2009, but on 6 and 7 are held exposure ago and wow participants, the participants really make the heart more quickly rattle men do not see it except to see the representative of a very hot such as magazine cover models special adult male, but this is our representat

Zivanna Letisha Siregar Bikini
Zivanna Letisha Siregar Bikini